Well, don’t be silly.. obviously I’m no Beyoncé so I can’t just wake up looking spectacular!
A lot of hard work and effort goes into the maintenance of my problematic skin. It’s really important for me to use the right lotions and potions when it comes to my face otherwise we could have a major disaster – like once I didn’t go into college because of the massive zit attacking my chin!

My Clarisonic Mia 2 is the HOLY GRAIL of all cleansing tools, I take a brief moment every night to bow down before it, it’s just that amazing. I picked this little beauty up when I was off gallivanting in New York as everything I ever wanted seemed to be cheaper across the pond. So naturally my mother and I stocked up on beauty products whilst we were there (making sure that everything we bought was obtainable in the UK, just in case we fell in love with something we could never buy again for many, many years to come – tragic).

Anyway, my holiday to the Big Apple is merely a memory. I have now been using my Clarisonic since 2015, and I must say I noticed improvements, the actual first thing I noticed was how soft my skin was. Even to this day it leaves my skin looking more vibrant and toned. I believe that’s the work of the gentle vibrations, you know how they say it produces the natural collagen in your face and what not. The bristles are not sharp either, so soft to the touch yet very effective at makeup removal and general cleansing. I know I use mine every night, but this may be overkill. I think if you’re going to have one, at least use it twice a week.


I purchased my Clarisonic with this facial cleanser by Kiehl’s. Yes, I bought this in 2015 and its still going.. Not quite sure if there’s some kind of use by date and I should throw it out, but as if I’m going to do that.

I’m not really surprised its lasted this long though as I only need a blob smaller than a 5p each night. It really foams up and is way more than you need. It is such a gentle formula, with little to no perfume at all and it leaves you glowing. Hands down this is the best thing since sliced bread!

And for once, there is finally a decent product that is suitable for all skin types, how often do you find that? I have combination skin so I never know what’s best. Do I buy two separate products, one for my t-zone and one for the rest of my face? No, I don’t have time for that!

A quick tip – Remove any makeup before using the cleanser and Clarisonic as this will protect your brush heads from getting ruined quickly, and will also make the cleansing process more effective.


Now this Pure Clay wash by L’Oréal is new to my routine. So far so good!

I’d say this product is somewhere between a face wash and a face mask.. Kind of weird, right? But nevertheless, it does what it says on the tin, so no complaints here. The thick feeling is purely because of the three special, skin loving clays its made with. You have to remember its not a mask, and should, probably, be washed off soon after applying.

I like to mix up my look everyday – some days I go all matte everything, and others I really crave that dewy, soft glow. If you’re a fan of the matte effect, this is for you. I tend to use this less often and only on days I am using matte products as this really emphasises that. With my combination skin, matte products are far better for me (even though I love the dewiness)and this does give a nice matte base before my makeup application.

I picked this up for £5.99, but get down to the shops because its on offer for £3.99!


P.S. I’m really glad the packaging is the same colour as the liquid.. no nasty surprises when a green, oozing blob comes out!


Let me know if you’ve ever tried and loved these products.



Lauren ❤️




Please note, this is not a sponsored post. I am in no way associated with Clarisonic.

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