I will start off by saying this: it never leaves my wrist, and it is now and forever superglued to my arm. 

The Fitbit Blaze has been my little life changer. I had a rude awakening when I realised quite how unfit I was. Just because I didn’t look obese or didn’t struggle breathing after climbing a flight of stairs, didn’t necessarily mean I was fit and healthy. 

Not only was I doing less than 3000 steps per day, but my heart rate was high for someone my age, I was consuming a lot of calories and not drinking enough water. 

Just one small tracker on your wrist can suddenly make you feel so guilty about how you’re treating your body. 

My boyfriend and I both got our Fitbits on the same day and we became each others motivation. It does really help when you have someone going on the same journey as you, but I strongly believe you can accomplish a healthy lifestyle by yourself too. 

Having a Fitbit makes you get up and move, that’s it’s whole purpose! You want to get all green on your daily activities and you want to get those achievements! 

Not only are there achievements, but there are challenges too. You can add all your friends that have a Fitbit and challenge them to a daily showdown or a weekly warrior. It seriously brought out my competitive side. And the only way to win is to be active, you don’t have to strain yourself either.

If you want to do more with the tracker, there are various options, such as: stopwatch, relaxation, alarm clock, timed exercises of your choice and Fitstar, the Fitbit personal training. 

The battery life oh my. The battery on mine lasts for a week which is great. It only ever leaves your wrist when you wash and when you wash the strap, which you must not skip because it can get a little grotty. 

If you want a different colour strap, then I really must stress that you purchase one from the official Fitbit website because there are a lot of fakes which may look and feel the same, but they aren’t. You may think ‘who cares if it’s not official’ and ‘they’re more expensive’ but you will care when your wrist breaks out in blisters that look like you’ve left your arm resting on your hair curlers for a week (it happened to me). And it itches, itches like mad! They just aren’t made with the correct material. 

This is part of the Fitbit app home page. Yes, I did do that in a day! I felt like a zombie afterwards and my feet hurt for days, but deep down I felt amazing. This was when I went to Paris – read about it here

Below this section on the home page is your daily calorie intake, your water intake, how many days of the week you’ve exercised, your sleeping record (it’s so cool it shows you when you were in R.E.M. sleep, so basically how much you’ve dreamt that night) and your heart rate. You can add extras or delete what you don’t want, just like widgets. 

Not only all of that but there’s more!

Your Fitbit Blaze is obviously connected to your phone, so it can tell you when you have incoming calls, it displays your messages and you can connect it to Spotify. 

If it’s an exercise watch you’re looking for, then the Fitbit wins hands down. I know the Apple Watch has more functions and you can actually text back from the watch but who needs that when all you’re looking for is the basics to keeping your body healthy?! 

Plus, when comparing the price of the Apple Watch and any of the watches from Fitbit you know who you’ll want to pick. I don’t even need to tell you. 

I believe it was £139.99 well spent??

Lauren ❤️


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