MAC Honeylove x Subculture

How can you resist a nude lip?! Nudes go with everything, yes everything!

I feel like my entire lipstick collection is just nudes that are all pretty much the same colour. I’m a woman possessed.

But a good nude lipstick can actually be so versatile..

Don’t want full coverage? Just dab it on!

Want full and natural looking lips? Just add some liner!


Do you ever feel like your look is missing something? It just doesn’t feel complete? 9 times out of 10 its going to be lipstick! Whether you need it, or the shade you’ve chosen just isn’t right. Applying a nude tone can spice up you face, your outfit and maybe even your life.

When it comes to lipstick, MAC is my go to brand. They have all sorts of colours ranging from pale nudes, right up the spectrum to vivid almost neon purples and pinks.

Honeylove matte lipstick paired with Subculture liner is the perfect day time duo. As well as being great for the day time, this is also my night time look, purely because lighter shades suit my skin tone way more. Anything darker than a nude and I feel like a clown.


Honeylove is a light beige tone with a hint of rose. This lipstick is supposed to have a matte effect, and it does to a certain extent, but the formula is extremely creamy which makes it slightly more satin. So it applies just like any non-matte lipstick as it seamlessly glides along your lips.

This lipstick isn’t patchy upon application, and it’s long lasting so it doesn’t flake or crumble at any point throughout the day – it is the most comfortable lipstick I have ever worn, and that goes for any lipstick by MAC really. And obviously one of my favourite things is that sweet, vanilla smell we all know!

I purchased Velvet Teddy first, and I know some say if you have that you won’t be needing Honeylove as well. But I really think there is a difference, and Honeylove for me is a better shade.

I’m so glad MAC decided to bring out lip kits, it makes it so much easier to find shades that perfectly go together, rather than figuring it out myself. Lazy Lauren back at it again.

Subculture is slightly more pink than Honeylove, but once both are on your lips they blend really well.

When you think of a pencil, you don’t think creamy and soft. MAC liners are here to prove you wrong. In the past I’ve had lip liners that have actually cut my lip where they’ve been too hard and sharp. You don’t need to press down too much and in the long run, that’s saving you some product.

This liner always provides me with a smooth base before lipstick. I don’t do it, but you could even wear the liner by itself as well! This too has a matte finish, so a little over-lining doesn’t cause any harm – just be careful and don’t stray too far from your natural lip line.

Another pro of using a lip liner with the lipstick is that is does make it last longer. It can also enhance the colour of the lipstick to make it become more bold, and daring, for those that like to live on the wild side.


I know this lip kit isn’t drugstore price, but its not unreasonable for a quality product.


Find it here | £29.50



Lauren ❤️




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