My car is my baby, and just like a baby, it needs constant attention.

I start with the basics: food and water… AKA fuel and a good wash!

But this isn’t just what keeps it going. No, no, if you have a car there is SO much you need to keep on top of. Trust me it’s a nightmare.

Don’t tell anyone, but half the time I get someone else to check it over! However, if I was stranded all alone and I had a problem, I would know where to start.

Most of us learn the basics about prepping our car for a journey during driving lessons, but if you somehow managed to skip that part or just can’t remember, I am here to help.

For my 20th birthday, I decided I would like to go to the Lake District. I am a bit of an adventurer and it is just so beautiful there. If you haven’t been, you should, right now.

Our destination, Ulverston, was going to be almost a 5-hour journey. As soon as I realised, I looked at my car and my car looked back and said, ‘Lauren, honey, no’. I knew my car wasn’t going to survive if I didn’t prepare it well. Not only is that necessary for any car, but my car is getting old and you all know how ‘reliable’ cars can be.

So I popped the hood and got to work. I started with the water level, you know the stuff that washes your screen when its dirty? You can use just water I guess, but it’s nice to have a little screen wash in there. However, beware of putting too much wash in as this can end up making it even dirtier than before!

It was a lovely, sunny day when driving to Ulverston. Obviously, all the bugs were out and they can cause a mess on your windscreen for sure. If I hadn’t topped up the tank, I wouldn’t exactly have had a hard time seeing but it would have been disgusting, and anyway something worse than bugs could have happened, like what if someone threw mud at my car? Not likely, but you just don’t know people.

Next up was the oil level. I hadn’t been out in the car yet so the engine was nice and cool – it can’t be hot for this bit. My car is very specific on how you measure the oil, it must be cold and you can only hold the dipstick in for a second. I can’t dilly dally with it dipped in there for 10 seconds because it somehow sucks the oil up and pretends to have a full tank… my car actually pretends. So I was recently driving around with next to no oil and I was none the wiser, oops.

To check the oil, make sure you can first locate the dipstick, take it out and give it a wipe with a clean rag. Dip it back in and it will show you the oil level by how high it goes up the stick. If the little measure shows your oil is below the minimum line, then please top it up!

Lastly, you have the tyres. I know everything else is really important but imagine if you didn’t have a set of tyres – you wouldn’t be getting anywhere, it’s like having no legs!

I was really weather conscious when it came to our trip. Yes it started off sunny but there were still some rain clouds looming overhead. Making sure I had enough tread on my tyres was a must. This is what gives you grip on the road and in wet weather you seriously need it, nobody wants to aquaplane all over the place!

Not only is it unsafe, but if you’re pulled over by the police you could face a fine of £2500. And a fine wasn’t on my birthday wishlist so I double checked that I was good to go. If you are in need of new tyres, there is a wide range of high quality car tyres available at

As a treat, we stopped off in Blackpool on the way home, we went to Pleasure Beach and saw the Blackpool Illuminations too.

My car was a little angel during the entire journey, it was quite surprising really, but I think my prep definitely helped. If you would like a safe trip then you too should start with these basic, yet vital, checks regularly.


Lauren ❤️

This post was sponsored by Point-S Tyres. The opinions are completely my own based on personal experience.

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