I finally got my little mitts on these bad boys! 

I hate to admit that I sat there refreshing my screen like a maniac all night long until I got them..

These are my first ever Kylie lipkits and I couldn’t be happier with them. I was taking a pretty big gamble – what with them coming from the US and how much I was spending and what if they didn’t work out?

But.. money well spent. 

As much as I love the matte collection, I figured velvets would be a better idea. They’re slightly more hydrating!

I follow Kylie on Snapchat so I found out she was releasing 3 new velvet shades and I instantly thought it was time I get some. 

From the newest shades, I had the choice of Strawberry Cream, Grape Soda or Poison Berry. They’re all such beautiful colours, but it’s obvious I wasn’t going to pull of purple and I figured the darker shade, Poison Berry, was more autumn wear than summer. 

I did look at Strawberry Cream and Charm and think they’re very, very similar. However, once on there is definitely a difference!

Upon opening up my pretty little packages, I found that the lipsticks contain the standard doe-foot applicator, and the liner pencil, which is in fact more of a crayon that you can sharpen. 

Oh and the smell just hits you! It is a rather strong vanilla but it is just delicious. 

The back of the boxes tell you to completely line and fill your lips with the liner and then place one coat of lipstick on top. 

And boy.. one coat is all you need. 

The pigment is insane..

The liner glides over your lips just as easy as the lipstick. It’s not tacky and it doesn’t bleed out at all. 



I think Charm is my favourite for day time wear, but Strawberry Cream is seriously poppin’.

Just a note – Strawberry Cream is extremely difficult to remove, even with makeup remover. I ended up smudging it everywhere and feared I’d have to live life as a clown. 

I hope this helps you decide whether Kylie Velvets are worth the purchase! They are sold exclusively on the Kylie Cosmetics for $27USD.

I know it may be tempting to find them cheaper elsewhere, but those can be fake and you could be putting dangerous products on your lips.


Lauren ❤️


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