Well, don’t be silly.. obviously I’m no Beyoncé so I can’t just wake up looking spectacular!
A lot of hard work and effort goes into the maintenance of my problematic skin. It’s really important for me to use the right lotions and potions when it comes to my face otherwise we could have a major disaster – like once I didn’t go into college because of the massive zit attacking my chin!

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Please note, this is not a sponsored post. I am in no way associated with Clarisonic.

Hello, welcome to my blog!

Sounds great saying that, doesn’t it? I have been so excited for this you cannot believe it. Now that may seem sad to some, but hey don’t rain on my parade.

Here I will be expressing my ever growing passion for makeup and beauty products, and if you’re lucky I’ll even show you my shopping hauls and wishlists! I will only share a 100% honest review of all the products I personally buy’n’try. From my own experience, I know that myself and most others will check out blogs before buying a product – which in actual fact is a really good idea, I highly recommend it.. You see that? 100% honest 😉 But who wants to waste their money just testing a product, when someone else can tell you the ins and outs of it all?! Exactly.

Stay tuned!


Lauren ❤️